THESE ARE ONLINE SUBMISSIONS OF TESTIMONIALS ONLY; Henry has many documented and signed references on paper as well.


Henry does excellent work, no matter what you need done. He is fast, does a thorough job, and is very honest. I have never seen someone so fast on a skid steer! You can trust him to do the job without your being present. He is honorable, and does what he says he will do.
Coni Ross

 Coni Ross  March 7, 2014  Blanco, Texas
I have known Henry Hesskew for almost ten years and hold him in the highest regard. He is reliable, trustworthy, and
kindhearted beyond words. Other tradesmen complain and procrastinate; Henry shows up on time, works hard, keeps his word, and takes pride in a job well done. A man of strong integrity, Henry is ready to help whenever help is needed. I consider myself fortunate to know him.
Anya Grossman  March 29, 2014

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