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Quick Shot of Henry Brush Clearing with Skid Loader

I (the loving wife) took Henry breakfast the other day and while I was there I decided to take a short video of him working….


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Hidden Waterfall in a Texas Cedar Forest

Henry’s clearing a large cedar forest here in Central Texas and much to everyone’s surprise the land is so much more gorgeous than expected.  They are hills and crevices, nooks and crannies and even this beautiful tiny waterfall…..

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Brush Clearing

This is just a little sample of Henry’s brush clearing skills.  I have heard more than one customer say something along the lines, that, “Henry starts with the woods and turns them into a park.”

The pictures below depict a minor clearing job done today, March 7th, nothing fancy, and surely not his “park” work, but I think you can surely see he worked some magic!  *Scroll all the way down to see the pics side by side.

~Wait until you see him “sweep the ground” with the skid steer!

Here is a before picture, with a couple of arrows showing two trees that Henry is going to leave:


And the final output.  You can see Henry even cut and stacked some firewood:


Those pics side by side:


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