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Tear down and a Rebuild

Henry just recently tore down an old wellhouse and then built a new well-house/garage in it’s place.

Below are the pics from beginning to end!












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Quick Shot of Henry Brush Clearing with Skid Loader

I (the loving wife) took Henry breakfast the other day and while I was there I decided to take a short video of him working….


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Hidden Waterfall in a Texas Cedar Forest

Henry’s clearing a large cedar forest here in Central Texas and much to everyone’s surprise the land is so much more gorgeous than expected.  They are hills and crevices, nooks and crannies and even this beautiful tiny waterfall…..

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Tank Job – Clearing out

This is Henry clearing out a little tank for a nearby landowner and one of his clients.

Before starting the job:

Job before starting


Give you a little idea how big that tank will be, here’s the skid loader in the hole:

machine in tank

This is the tank close to being done, the final job was too dark to take a picture of, I hope to add it soon.


near finished

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Brush Clearing

This is just a little sample of Henry’s brush clearing skills.  I have heard more than one customer say something along the lines, that, “Henry starts with the woods and turns them into a park.”

The pictures below depict a minor clearing job done today, March 7th, nothing fancy, and surely not his “park” work, but I think you can surely see he worked some magic!  *Scroll all the way down to see the pics side by side.

~Wait until you see him “sweep the ground” with the skid steer!

Here is a before picture, with a couple of arrows showing two trees that Henry is going to leave:


And the final output.  You can see Henry even cut and stacked some firewood:


Those pics side by side:


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Skid Steer Spreading Road Base

Henry spreading the road base with his skid steer:

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Dump Truck Dumping

In July 2013, on the same Leach job of repairing the old road, Henry delivered the road base for the job.  Henry was working for his good friend Troy Alexander at the time, so the pictures are of Troy’s dumptruck.


Dump truck dumping


Dump truck dumping

And more Dumping:

Dump truck dumping

Piles of road base:

Piles of Roadbase

Henry preparing to spread it with his skid steer:

Spreading road base

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Culvert Replacement

In July of 2013, Henry replaced several Culvert’s (as well as other road work) on the Leach Ranch.  Here’s some pictures of one of them.

This is the shape of the pipe before the road work was started. The driveway had dissipated as such, leaving the top of the pipe exposed, while the bottom of the pipe had eroded and rusted away; probably due to a water softener draining its salt water via the pipe and eating away at it:

Exposed Culvert Pipe


Henry digging up the old pipe on an excavator:



Henry moving the old pipe to the side:

Moving Pipe


This is the rusted out bottom of the pipe:

Rusted out Pipe Culvert


Henry placing the new pipe into it’s home:

Placing New Culvert Pipe


Road looks much better now:

New Road Culvert Area


A job well done!

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