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Vacation at the Coast

Henry and mine, (I’m his wife), favorite place to go is the coast for our vacation, which we sorely do not get to go enough.

This past year we went on my birthday and had a wonderful time!

We caught gafftops, flounder, piggy perch, trout, reds, a shark; you name it we may have caught it, although, this time we did not get a stingray.


Henry loves to castnet at the coast, I think it’s one of his most relaxing things while there:

Castnet Texas Coast


This trip he got in some kayaking too:

Kayaking Texas Gulf Coast


He even caught a little shark just off land!

Shark Texas Gulf Coast

I caught a Flounder (and no I did not get a sunburn this pic is deceiving; I hid under the canopy the entire trip!):

Flounder Texas Gulf Coast

And this is ONE of Henry’s Gafftopsail Catfish (yeah just one we ALL caught several):

Gafftopsail Texas Gulf Coast

And finally on the trip home, everyone had to check out one of the alligators fishing at the boat dock, just one last time:



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Deer Hunting 2013 Henry got him!

MOULTRIE DIGITAL GAME CAMERA Henry set up the new Moultree Game Cam in the back woods of our Central Texas home, well before Deer season arrived this past year and watched this monster of a buck feed with his herd nearly every day and night.

Finally deer season arrived and shortly thereafter Henry got him!

He was processed by the local butcher, Lester, over at 4th Street Market.   Lester made him and another deer into burger and sausage meat.  Henry and I (his lovely wife) made a bit of smoked jerky that was divine!

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